Is this it?


Goodbye, goodbye, good friends goodbye.

Bear in the big blue house references are always welcome. 


Cant remember where I saw it, but apparently blue makes your brain stay awake and  alert, and obviously prevents sleep happening as it should.

Makes sense, facebook, tumblr, boards…

Every site that I give my nights to, seems to have some sort of blue theme to it. In fact, its dark here now, the only light is my laptop, and my speakers, which also have a blue light.

Seriously considering getting rid of Tumblr. I had some good intentions for it when I started, but a combination of me being completely unable to write anything apart from my first post, and me abusing Tumblr as my own little facebook, has put an end to the good intentions I had!

There is something so attention seeking at the heart of all these blog sites. You are never writing to yourself, or for yourself. There is always an audience, by their very nature, there has to be an audience. Its almost like kids in the playground, saying something deliberately loud so someone will “overhear” them. 

And even by writing this, and condemning this element of tumblr, I am doing exactly that, playing to an audience. Complete hypocrisy really! But no more!

To my wonderful audience, my beautiful,loyal, nine followers. You’ve been great, I’ve been better.. Buh bye.

Oh yes. I want to follow him around.

hahaha. Some guy trolling on blackops. Hilarious.


haven’t much got to say lately.

Then shaddap. LOOOOOOOOOL

Still fancy that yam?

Some girl in America talking about how she is happy that God sent an earthquake to japan. Pretty distasteful.

Unfortunately for her, Anonymous took it upon themselves to find her address/name/phone number and post it all over the internet.

not going to end well..

After one of the lads in work was talking to me about how good Arcade Fire were, he gave me three albums. Giving them a listen now. Don’t know what to think so far.